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Air Conditioning Clothes

Technology That Can Save Lives
For workers who occupy hot or humid environments, the Sidiou Group air conditioned jacket is a must have. From landscaping, to construction, to factories and beyond, Sidiou Group body cooling clothing answers the question of how to prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion by use of direct body cooling technology. Our shirts allow for a more comfortable work experience which helps laborers to better concentrate on the task at hand. Our goal is to increase the overall safety of any hot work environment.

How does it work? Sidiou Group attire has two fans that are ergonomically located on either side of the back of the shirt. These fans circulate airflow throughout the apparel and out of the neck and sleeves. Because of this, any sweat will be instantly cooled and minimize the effects, in turn drastically decreasing the chances of heat related injuries as perspiration and dehydration are largely avoided.

Battery Life
Sidiou Group heavy duty batteryoctocool_battery

The two ultra lightweight fans are designed to be energy saving, and thus can last for a number of hours depending on the specific battery being used. The battery pack will last over 18 hours on the lowest setting, and 4.5 hours on the highest setting (pictured in blue). For users who require longer performance, the Sidiou Group battery pack is designed to last over 24 hours on the lowest setting, and 8.5 hours on the highest setting (pictured in white). With the built-in battery power gauge, you can always know how much power is left in your battery pack. The battery gauge has a digital readout from 1 to 9, 1 being empty, and 9 being full. The battery can then be recharged in a matter of just 2.5 hours with the included wall charger. Our batteries are designed with multiple safety features built into each pack to protect against instances of over heating, over charging, or over discharging.

Comfortable User Experienceair-conditioned-clothing-fan-battery-system
Sidiou Group uses a special 25% cotton and 75% polyester cross strand blend to mitigate excessive loss of airflow, while maintaining a comfortable, high quality experience for the user. The fans do not touch the user as they are pushed away from the body when the shirt is inflated with air. The Sidiou Group air conditioned jacket hardly makes contact with the user at all because it is inflated away from the body by airflow, giving the user a feeling that is like being shirtless. At the bottom of the shirt there is a ring of elastic material that closes off the bottom of the shirt so that airflow will only escape through the top, thus providing maximum air cooling for the user.

Easy To Washhigh powered air conditioned jacket fans
The fans are intuitively designed to allow them to be removed from the garmet for washing by simply unscrewing them. Both fans and the battery are removed and the shirt is then washed as a normal piece of clothing. Upon completion of washing, the fans are simply screwed back in and the battery is placed back into the inside pocket.

Extra Benefits
The Sidiou Group air conditioned jacket both reduces the wearer’s body temperature and minimizes perspiration, making this technology quite environmentally friendly as it decreases the necessary usage of indoor AC systems. Because workers in an office environment can also wear Sidiou Group cooling clothing, air conditioning can be turned down or completely off causing energy consumption costs to be cut down drastically. From the perspective of business owners, not only will they enjoy savings on the electricity bill, but their employees will also be more comfortable, which will in turn cause a happier work environment and increase the quantity and quality of output. Labor doesn’t need to be as physically exhaustive as it once was.

Currently we carry three styles of air conditioning shirts. We have a gray short sleeve work shirt design (as pictured above), a navy blue long sleeve work shirt design, and a camouflage short sleeve design. Available sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. Take a closer look at our products to see what fits you best. The fans may also be retrofitted into a pre-existing design if needed, such as outfitting a mascot outfit with the cooling system.

Sidiou Group was inspired by a group of young university students in the United States who worked a series of painstaking, unbearably hot manual jobs as a means to get through college. Ranging from landscaping to working inside of a mail sorting warehouse, temperatures were frequently at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. On many occasions these men narrowly escaped suffering life threatening heat strokes. They would even take off their shirts sometimes at work to avert the heat, only to be reprimanded by the business owner as he said “My employees don’t come to work shirtless.” Always commenting to one another that there must be a better way for this type