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Custom Personalized Towels

Personalized Towels

Custom Towels - Golf, Beach, Hand and Bath Towels Personalized with Your Logo

Personalized towels printed or embroidered with your logo are great company giveaways for trade shows, conferences, or pro-shop retail stores. Successful promotional items outdoor enthusiasts will love, our styles include golf and beach towels as well as hand and bath towels. Upload your logo or design to add a unique feel to any bathroom or event with our custom towels. Save with Guaranteed Cheap Prices.

When most of us think about merchandise, we immediately consider pens, tote bags and keychains as being good for brand exposure. Towels aren’t typically the first item to come to mind, but contrary to popular belief, they are actually one of the most effective promotional products out there.

The best promotional gifts are, after all, ones that the recipient intends to keep and use on a daily basis. Towels are expensive, particularly soft cotton ones you can wrap up in after a bath or take to the beach, so people are reluctant to part with them. Consider that the average shelf life for a towel in the home is 15 years, and you’ll see why promotional towels are so effective.

Another benefit of using custom towels for business purposes is that they appeal to a mass audience. Everyone uses towels, including people of all ages, sizes and income levels. They are easy to wash, and unlike a t-shirt or hoodie, they can’t be grown out of or shrunk in the tumble dryer. Towels also have the largest imprint area of all the promotional items, so there is plenty of space to convey your business message or share your logo with the world. 

Uses for our personalized towels

Not convinced personalized towels are a good fit for your business? You might be surprised to learn that our custom towels can increase brand exposure for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Here are some of their most popular uses:


It’s clear to see that towels make highly effective promotional items. People are reluctant to throw away large, luxury items like towels, particularly in today’s waste-not-want-not approach to living. Why would you spend out on a plush new towel when they could get one for free? It’s easy to customize a high-quality towel with printing or embroidery methods using our online design tool, and the result is coveted promotional items to give out at your next trade show or convention.

Of course, it’s your job to create a promotional towel that can be used in the home or taken the pool or beach for maximum exposure. How you choose to design your towel will depend largely on your target market and the types of colors and patterns they are drawn to. People will be less inclined to display your towel if it doesn’t fit with their personal style, after all.


Have you always wanted a unique towel to make you stand out on the beach? Or perhaps you have a website or blog you’d like to promote when you go to the pool. There are endless opportunities for our custom towels, including a choice of colors, size and style options to suit your tastes and budget.

Alternatively, if you’re planning a bachelorette party or spa day, you could create personalized towels for each attendee to make the event extra special. That way, your friends will all have a souvenir to remember the occasion by. Alternatively, if someone you know is getting married, you could design "his and hers” towels as a thoughtful wedding gift.

Hotels and guest houses

If you run a hotel or guest house, you’ll know that every little detail counts toward your guests’ experience. Therefore, providing embroidered or printed towels will help create repeat branding exposure that will stick in your customers’ heads, even after they’ve left. Studies show that this kind of repeat exposure to a logo or brand (i.e., every time someone takes a shower or washes their hair) has a positive impact on their customer experience and makes them more likely to return.


Looking for something to give your team to award their hard work? Printed towels are a great way to unite your sports players and promote inclusivity. Matching sports gear isn’t just attractive, but it can actually boost morale and help players work together, both on and off the playing field.

Towel materials

We offer a vast choice of towels, including products made from the following materials:

Cotton: It’s a well-known fact that cotton towels are best for hands and body because of their softness and absorbency. These towels are ideal for use in salons, spas, hotels and the home.

Terry velour: Terry towels are highly absorbent, while also promoting luxury and style. This material is looped on both sides, which increases its surface area for easy drying. These towels are mid-weight, and are all made from 100 % cotton materials. Choose from our hemmed beach towels, nautically striped towels, sports towels, golf towels and more.

Polyester: Our polyester towels contain a blend of absorbent materials and a choice of colors and styles, making them ideal for promotional items, as well as sports, home, and business use. 

Microfiber: Microfiber towels are lightweight and quick-drying, making them ideal for sports, including dry and damp use. Ideal for prints with up to two imprint colors, these towels are sure to make an impression in the gym, at a sporting event or as part of a freebie promotional pack.

Added features

Many of our designs come with added features, such as hook attachments, foldaway options, themed designs, cooling properties, looped hems, tube towel containers, tri-folding and more.

What’s more, many of our towels have been specifically designed with certain sports in mind, such as our terry velour golf towels and rally cloths. We have such a large selection of designs that it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your home, hobby or business.

Imprint methods

Once you’ve chosen your custom towel, you can personalize it using your image, text or logo. The entire process can be completed online using our handy design tool, before we get to work printing your designs and deliver them to your doorstep.

Our towels offer two customization options:

Custom printing

Printing is an affordable and professional-looking option that’s perfect for promotional items, sports towels, personal gifts, corporate giveaways and branded merchandise. The result is a full-color image at an affordable price with a short turnaround time.


Embroidery is a classic, elegant option for anyone wishing to go the extra mile with a promotional product or create branded towels for a hotel or guest house. You can choose from a range of colored threads and wait for our experienced seamstresses to create your professional-looking product. This process takes longer than printing, but the results are well worth the wait!

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