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Mens Hoodies & Sweatshirts


We’re known for our hoodies & sweatshirts, so whether you’re looking for off-duty style, lounging or even upping your gym presence, look no further. Statement varsity inspired graphics, iconic logo prints and retro classics, there’s something for all tastes. And we don’t just do statement prints – our Orange Label range is the epitome of understated casual style. Our hoodie range features classic overhead hoodies, practical zip up hoodies and hybrid hoodie/jacket combos, and our sweatshirts are just as versatile with a range of looks available. Top drawer fabrics, brushed linings and Super dry detailing give that quality feel you deserve.



We were looking for an alternative to woollen sweaters. The sportsman was annoyed by the itching and chafing caused by old-fashioned sweaters and wanted a better option. With the help of his father's clothing company, he created loose, collarless, thick cotton pullovers which evolved into the modern-day durable sweatshirts for men.

Today sweatshirts are preferred for both form and functionality. You can also express yourself with a catchy slogan or a university printed sweatshirt. You can also use men's sweatshirts for training and to get fit before your big game. At Myntra we are happy to host a wide array of stylish sweatshirts for men. You can choose from a variety of options in colours, fabric and design.


Sweatshirts provide one of the best ways in which to create layered clothing options for casual wear. You can choose from among different types of sweatshirts for men such as men's hooded sweatshirts, cardigans, pullovers and longline varieties. Opt for the fabric of your choice selecting from acrylic, cashmere, cotton, fleece, wool, nylon or blended varieties.

Here is a look at the different ways in which you can wear sweatshirts for men to create stylish ensemble options:

  1. Printed pullover-style sweatshirts for men are quite iconic.Printed sweatshirts would feature your favourite sports brand, sports team, or a catchy phrase. Choose ones in blue, green or black and wear it with jeans and boat shoes. With pullovers, you can get ready in a snap and head out with friends.
  2. Colour-blocked front-open sweatshirts for men are perfect for a cool urban look when heading to college. You can select men's hooded sweatshirts in bright colours such as red and grey, green and blue, or yellow and grey. Wear them with a plain, solid T-shirt in neutral colours such as grey, white or black. Team it up with dark blue or black jeans. Choose casual sports shoes to complete your look.
  3. Striped or checked sweatshirts for men offer a smart look and are perfect for your first date. Create a special multiple-layered outfit with a white T-shirt with a denim shirt worn unbuttoned. Add a checked-pattern grey front-open sweatshirt. Team it up with dark blue joggers and sneakers. Alternatively, you could go with checked hoodies to upgrade your style. Choose a cool one in blue and accessorise with wayfarers.

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At sidiou group shopping for men's sweatshirts online is quite a breeze. You can browse through the best sweatshirt brands at one go and choose your favourites. Our simplified user-interface provides a hassle-free shopping experience. You can also check out our range of stylish sweaters and winter jackets for men and women.