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USB Heated Thermal Underwear Electric Heated Underwear

One of the more intriguing mash-ups of outdoor gear and technology in recent years has been the introduction of heated clothing designed to keep us warm and comfortable during the long, cold months of winter. Typically powered by rechargeable  battery packs connected to integrated heating elements, these jackets, gloves, boots, and other items can provide hours of warmth even on the coldest of days. If you’re not particularly a fan of winter, or you just happen to be looking for ways to stay warmer while you’re out and about in the cold, these products will provide a bit of extra comfort to help you manage the frigid conditions. With that in mind, here are our picks for the very best heated outdoor gear to keep you felling cosy all winter long.

The Venture Heat battery powered heated clothing line consists of everything you need to keep warm on the move. Whether you are skiing on the slopes, or just suffering from the winter, our battery heated clothing will keep you toasty. We have a full range of battery powered heated clothing for maximum effectiveness in the cold, some of our popular products are:

Heated Jackets, Vests and Hoodies
Heated Base Layers
Heated Socks
Heated Gloves, Mittens and Glove Liners
Our clothing is suitable for:

Motorcyclists and cyclists
Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts (e.g. walkers)
People suffering from the cold or bad circulation (e.g.Raynaud’s)
People that just want to keep warm
People that want to keep their power bill down